Partnership with Wilson Jr. Soccer Club

BLS Landscaping & Construction, Inc. is proud to work with Wilson Junior Soccer Club and supports the youth soccer players and their families.  BLS has worked with the club for the past 10+ years and assists with large tournaments during the season by providing equipment, while also providing services to the club on a weekly basis during the season.

BLS provides services to help maintain the fields for perfect playing conditions.  We put pride in maintaining these fields to give back to the future of our community.  We also prepare the fields for games and practices by lining the fields and also moving and assembling the goals as needed.  BLS looks forward to continuing to work with the Wilson Soccer Club.

If your youth sports team or club is interested in BLS Landscaping and Construction providing similar services, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to assist you and work with your team/club/group and your budget!

For more information on Wilson Jounior Soccer Club, please visit: