BLS offers and installs all types of patios with a wide selection of paver options from several different suppliers.  The designs are endless, and we can design a patio that fits your vision without breaking the bank.  Pavers come in many different colors and styles.  Please contact us to see the many different colors, styles, and options.  We can provide sample pavers to be sure you'll like your selection before installation. 


Walk Ways

Do you want a walkway from your patio to your pool?  From your driveway to the back of your property?  Walkways stones from CST Pavers are a great way to finish off your landscaping and add some character to your yard.  From the cobblestone look, to the slate stone, there is a look for everyone.  Just like the patio pavers, the designs are endless.  There are colors and styles to match your patio stones.


Retaining Walls


BLS installs and designs two different ways of building retaining ways.  Customers can build retaining walls either with natural stone or paver blocks.  Retaining walls are a great way to finish off your yard while also having functionality.  Using retaining walls you can build up hills on your property and make them into flat tiers of useable space.  Retaining walls also help in areas that have erosion problems, in which they hold the soil place.